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Vegan Sandwich

Our Vending Machine


High-tech machines for the first time in Asia
These Europe-made hot food vending machines are the first of their kind in Asia.
Requiring only a 13-amp socket to operate, the TE machine can offer 2 different sandwich varieties and hold up to a total of 140 sandwiches.

How the machines work
After ordering, the customer’s sandwich is transferred from the chiller compartment to the heating section where two hot plates toast the wrapped sandwich, and deliver a sizzling hot and crispy meal within 90 seconds. The TE machine also provides an option for customers to order a 2-sandwich combo at a special price, toasting the two sandwiches

Careful attention to product shelf-life and hygiene
The machines are serviced and replenished daily ensuring tight controls on product shelf-life and standards of hygiene.

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