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Vegan Sandwich


  • The vending machines? Are your sandwiches fresh?
    Our sandwiches are made fresh and delivered daily. Our team of delivery drivers visits each site 7 days a week to service the machines, remove expiring stock and replenish with fresh sandwiches.
  • Is the Hotbake 24/7 machine available to rent?
    Yes, if you think you know a place that could use our services we would be happy to hear from you. Hotbake would continue to be responsible for operation of the machine.
  • Do you pay commission?
    No. Due to the highly regulated nature of our line of fresh food vending and the high costs involved in our daily operations we are a food service partner rather than a source of revenue. Hotbake does work on a case by case basis however.
  • Do you offer healthier sandwiches?
    Yes, we have available a range of Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS) certified sandwiches.
  • Can we order the specific sandwich varieties that we want stocked in the machine?
    No, our kitchen facilities are not equipped to handle specific individual menu orders. However, you can specify if you want an exclusively healthier sandwich menu at your site, or if you would like a mix of regular and healthier varieties.
  • How often does the menu change?
    Our vending machines will typically change menus once every 7-14 days.
  • How many different types of sandwich can I order from a Hotbake 24/7 machine?
    Each machine offers 2 sandwich varieties; Option A and Option B. You can also order an Option A+B combo for special discount price. Each machine stocks a total of 140 sandwiches.
  • What are the technical requirements for installing a machine and what are its dimensions?
    One 3-pin, 13 AMP socket; dimensions are at 1850mm H x 995mm W x 960mm D, weighing 375kg.
  • Are your sandwiches Halal?
    Yes. 100%. Our facility is Halal certified. It also has the SFA Grade A and HACCP certifications.
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