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Vegan Sandwich

About Us

In 2002 we became a pioneer in food retailing when we introduced not only Singapore’s very first toasted sandwich vending machine but also the first fully hot all-in one-meal vending machine in Asia.

The original fresh toasted sandwich vending service

Hotbake 24/7 is Singapore’s original fresh toasted sandwich vending service. We are proud to be the only vending company in Singapore that dispenses HCS toasted sandwiches. Obtaining HCS involves adhering to a set of strict nutritional guidelines, which are set and enforced by the Singapore Health Promotion Board.

A pioneer in food retailing catering to wide ranging locations

Since our inception in 2002, our network of vending machines has expanded across the island. We support a wide range of locations, from schools, hospitals, private companies, and government institutions... helping them meet their catering needs with delicious hot satisfying healthy meals.

We combine superior quality with unbeatable convenience

From kitchen to customer, we go to great lengths in ensuring that the highest standards of quality are met. We maintain impeccable ‘cold-chain’ conditions from production to purchase, and our dedicated team of delivery drivers is out on the road 7 days a week servicing each machine on a daily basis to ensure the freshness of our sandwiches.

Delicious and healthy sandwiches in over 50 great flavors

Not only are Hotbake sandwiches deliciously fresh and crispy, you can have peace of mind that our selected menus have a healthy stamp of approval! We have a range of Healthy Choice sandwiches, other sandwiches that are equally yummy and even some sweet ones for folks with a sweet tooth.

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